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Welcome to the CWBO blog page. We hope that you will find encouragement, ideas, business tips, connections with other women in other markets around the country.

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Mission Statement: Christian Women Business Organization (CWBO) is a networking group. We encourage and promote Christian principles within the business community. We exist to be a light in the business world advancing entrepreneurial and spiritual growth. We encourage professional women to be examples of godly virtues through the unity of Jesus Christ.

We are a proactive group of Christian Women Business Organization who are for each other. We desire to see each woman be successful in her business. We are a unique networking group. We are a combination of networking, women's ministry and prayer partners (however, this not a bible study).



Monday July 8, 2019

How we overcome our obstacles and challenges is how we shape who we become.

Moving Forward

Monday May 6, 2019

The tasks seemed overwhelming; just too big for me to handle effectively on my own. I even sought advice – a lot of advice. But it took just doing it – moving ahead – for God to show me that it wasn’t as hard as I thought.

God show me...

Wednesday April 25, 2018

God has a new purpose for me.

Small changes help owners make good decisions.

Monday December 2, 2013

Attainable goals are important to feel a sense of achievement. It keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you to make sound decisions.

We love it when a plan comes together!

Monday October 7, 2013

When we meet our clients for the first time whether they are seniors, elderly, disabled, recovering from surgery or car accident or simply just needing extra care we work together to create a care plan.