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We love it when a plan comes together!

Monday October 7, 2013

At Golden Heart Senior Care, we love it when a plan comes together!  I’m actually talking about a care plan.   When we meet our clients for the first time whether they are seniors, elderly, disabled, recovering from surgery or car accident or simply just needing extra care we work together to create a care plan. 

I was recently in the home of a wonderful client in South Metro Denver.  I first met this client when she was in a rehabilitation hospital hoping to be discharged.  Even though rehab was complete, due to the nature of her disease, she learned she will never walk again.  In addition, she was told by a social worker that she would not be allowed to go home with out 24-hour care.  The family was completely stressed with this news.   How were they going to find 24-hour care, how will they pay for it, and how will they allow strangers in their home? 

Here’s where the plan comes together.  This client needs 24-hour care but not at a 24-hour care price.  We at Golden Heart Senior Care created a plan to come along side the family and support them in caregiving.  Now for this care plan, we come into the home 3 days a week to provide help with bathing, cleaning, meal preparation and cooking, laundry, cannula replacement/care, wound dressing assistance, laundry, appointment organization and protective oversight.   This 3-day a week price is much more affordable than 24-hour care or even the price of a retirement home or assisted living facility.  Now the family experiences peace-of-mind knowing that help is there.   

Finally, I have to answer the question of how they will allow strangers in their home.  What strangers?  At Golden Heart Senior Care, we put our client’s needs first and care for their wellbeing.   When we do this, naturally a genuine friendship built on mutual respect is formed and therefore, there are no strangers.