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Small changes help owners make good decisions.

Monday December 2, 2013

Big decisions are difficult to make and hard to change. Once you commit to a decision it is difficult to change course. Sometimes making small decisions helps you to make changes efficiently. There is not as big of a penalty if you make a mistake. Making smaller decisions does not mean you cannot make big plans nor have big ideas, but it means you believe that making big decisions takes time and you want to be strategic.

Polar explorer Ben Saunders said during his North Pole expedition (thirty-one marathons back-to-back, seventy-two days alone) the decisions he had to make were sometimes so overwhelming that his day-to-day decision making rarely extended beyond “getting to that bit of ice a few yards in front of me.”

Kaizen focuses on small changes in the areas that the owner wants to improve. In the upcoming year Kai-Zen Business Results will discuss how you, as a business owner, can make these small changes to see dramatic results. We will teach you how to have success over stress to achieve your goals. We will discuss why it is important to know your numbers in order to be successful and how to monitor your financial results. We will also discuss some of the fundamentals of HR and how you can make gradual changes to increase employee morale and hire great talent.

Attainable goals are important to feel a sense of achievement. It keeps you from feeling overwhelmed and helps you to make sound decisions. As you approach the New Year take a look at those goals that you set in 2013 but did not achieve. Try approaching them from a different perspective and set smaller, more attainable goals and see if you can accomplish them in 2014. If you need help reach out to your team of professionals. Setting small goals that you can achieve is a lot more fun than feeling overwhelmed and frustrated.