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"Lord, would you please?"

Wednesday December 11, 2013

Did you ever throw a tantrum before the Lord? I have. It goes something like this. “Lord, would you please _________ .” And, you pray and pray and the Sovereign Lord of all creation answers and as we often do, we forget that He answered and our stewardship of the answer falters. We take the answer as if it is a football, we run with it, go here and there grateful for a while and when the answer requires persevering, working hard, staying focused, remembering His answer and patience that is when I find myself going back to the Lord and whining about the work, the timing of the fruit of His answer and the work I didn’t necessarily want to do before I saw the “payoff”. I found myself doing that just last night. I was listening to a conference call, something I should be doing every week, and just found myself saying in my spirit, “if I don’t see what I want to see by May I am out of here.” God gently spoke to me and said, “You haven’t given this your best.” Ah, He was right. I did the minimal and expected the maximum. How foolish I can be to think that He is my genie in the sky. “Please forgive me Lord, You are right. I have not been a good steward of the many prayers I’ve prayed for provision, direction and a new business opportunity.” You see, He alone has the authority to decide for me when the answer He gave has seen its completion.

I am so thankful for a merciful, kind and loving heavenly Father. He remembers that I am but dust and yet He is so gracious to me. He gently reminds me He has a perfect plan for my life and He is working out that plan continually.

When I sought the Lord at the beginning of 2013 for direction and an answer regarding professional pursuits He answered me. And, now my obligation is to be diligent, active, seeking, working and asking the Lord to continually guide my steps in this endeavor.

Denise Marriott, Founder of CWBO and Nerium Brand Partner,