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Ever since I joined the corporate/business world again in 2018, I have longed for a group of like-minded, Christ-following women that I could walk alongside, encourage, pray with and just share life's struggles with.  I love networking, I love business and most of all, I love Jesus.  Here in Mobile, I often heard about this group of men who are Christians and get together once a month to network and pray together so I began my hunt for something like that for us women.

To my disappointment, there wasn't anything like that in Mobile or even Alabama for that matter.  Then I began my hunt to find one somewhere else, that maybe we could recreate here.  I have no doubts, God directed me to CWBO and its wonderful founder, Denise Marriott.  She had begun this beautiful organization that was exactly what I was looking for and I didn't have to re-invent the wheel.  Through that process, I was asked to find a co-facilitator.  Like God always does, He led me to Meredith Simmerman, and I am so excited she has agreed to start this journey with me.
We are beyond thankful to be able to start a CWBO group right here in Mobile, AL.  We are equally as excited to be able to walk alongside other women in business who love Jesus, need encouragement, and want to encourage and pray with other women like them.

Please join us and learn more about this wonderful organization. 

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