• Enjoy connecting with other professional Christian women

    Christian Women Business Organization (CWBO) is a proactive networking group of professional Christian women who own businesses, work for corporations and ministry founders. We desire to see each woman be successful. CWBO is an inviting community of professional Christian women who are mutually supportive in faith, family and business.

  • Build lasting and supportive relationships

    God designed us for relationship and CWBO offers an opportunity for you to build relationships and your business with other professional Christian women in an inviting professional networking environment. CWBO is a place where women genuinely care about you. CWBO is a community not only for networking, but where professional Christian women thrive!

  • The Heart of CWBO

    Our monthly networking luncheons are the heart of the initial professional and personal introduction. We believe women thrive when they are involved in and committed to each other’s successes. Businesses also grow and opportunity flourishes where Jesus Christ is the central focus. 

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Build lasting relationships with professionals who share your same values

Welcome to Christian Women Business Organization

Supporting Professional Christian Women, Business Owners,
Ministry Founders, & Women Re-entering the Workforce

CWBO is a Christian networking group for professional Christian women who own businesses, work for corporations, are sales professionals, ministry founders or executives. Our culture is Christ centered, others focused. We offer a refreshing approach to networking and business building.

We believe there is a spiritual and professional role for Christian women in the marketplace and we want to help equip Christian women for their role while growing their business or career.

You will enjoy connecting with other professional Christian women and building lasting and supportive relationships.  You will meet other like-hearted Christian women with whom you can build relationships, share your business commercial, gather referrals and learn about business opportunities. We inspire women to live out God’s purposes in their lives – both professionally and personally.

Our monthly luncheons are warm, inviting settings where Christian women are supportive of you and your success in the marketplace. At our luncheons, you will be inspired by speakers who will encourage you professionally, and spur you on to maturity in Christ.  When you attend CWBO luncheons you are also welcome to attend our “invitation only” Christian networking events.

What Our Members are Saying

I see the goodness of God in the supportive friendships and business relationships that come through CWBO.  
My friends, Trish and Denise.  I could have never imagined the first time I walked into CWBO that the president of the organization would care enough about me and my radio show ministry that she would commit to being on the ministry's Board of Directors.  I could have never imagined that when I saw an intimidating woman from "the competition" (K-LOVE Radio) that my fear of her would turn into incredible friendship and that she, too, would graciously serve on our Board of Directors.  I could have never imagined that when I told this precious group of CWBO women that our radio ministry was going national, they would respond with spontaneous applause... I cannot fully express the love I felt in that moment.  But, then again, God gives us more than we can ask for or IMAGINE.  
The relationships exist for friendship AND business.  So many CWBO women have spoken into my life as the host of ChannelMom Radio, but also into my personal life as Jenny.  They have become mentors, customers, advisers, prayer warriors, teachers and close personal friends.  In turn, it has been my honor to speak into these women's lives and sow into their businesses.  God is the master architect... even in business and... Lord have mercy... girlfriends.

- Jenny Dean Schmidt, Founder, Channelmom Media