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Welcome to Fowlerville CWBO Group where your heart will fall in love with this small town and connections are easily made. Our group is intimate where like-minded women have a desire to grow intentionally with one another, with a focus on Christ.

I remember networking within our community, but knowing in my heart something was missing. That desire to glorify our Father in business, ministry, working from home, corporate or simply waiting on the Lord for that next step.

After praying for three years that connection with CWBO came and I faithfully stepped out. Two years later and I haven’t looked back. I look forward to facilitating this next season.

A heart to serve, Jackie

Once a mom always a mom, right? But now, after raising 14 kids, being a mom for 43 years, my baby has graduated - Now, there’s a little time for me. Not wanting to fill that space with just anything. I prayed for something with significance and substance. Thankfully, a dear friend introduced me to CWBO - a community, a connection, a place filled with love and compassion for others that I could safely enter into with other women in our area. The past two years with CWBO have been wonderful, new friendships made, others rekindled. And now, I am honored to have been chosen to partner with Jackie as co-facilitator. I’m excited to see what God is going to do and where He is going to take us through CWBO.

In His love, Jane

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